Energized x1000

Everyone has a thing that trips their trigger, and I'm lucky enough to do mine professionally.  Being a portrait photographer in Indianapolis is seriously the culmination of spending over half my life in studying and shooting photography.  I even had a boss who likened me and my photography stories to the "this one time at band camp..." girl from American Pie.  So needless to say I was getting my geek on this week at an awesome photography workshop hosted by Marathon Press, (side note) seriously it was awesome guys thank you so much for all your hard work!  I got some awesome ideas on how I can better serve my clients from some of the top photographers in the industry!  So stay tuned over the next couple weeks as I finalize everything, I'm going to be announcing a new baby plan, and a plan with a little something for everyone in the family!

Added bonus I got to shoot these cuties during my travels!

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