Bringing in the Big Guns

2013 has been awesome so far!  We've settled into a new house and my business keeps getting busier and busier!  Which means things that don't come naturally or aren't enjoyable in the least fall to the wayside.  Most of all the skill I have yet to master after 32 years, organization.  It's not for lack of instruction, my mom is a master organizer, my educators over the years have tried to whip me into shape, I even had a few roommates who tried...more than one fell to the dark side!  So here I am still functioning in the quick sweep everything off the desk into this bin, clients are coming over, realm. 


Office Before

This month I've started making a change!  I hired Lindsay Reid who's job is to help me stay organized, keep me on schedule, and help better my workflow processes.  I am in the process of redoing my office I've taken down the old ugly wall paper border, added a new coat of paint, changed the light fixture; no more worries about clients hitting their head on the dining room chandelier hanging low in the middle of the room, and a new cabinet!  In the spirit of new beginnings and bettering myself I have invited my mom down to do a deep organizational clean.  While willing and excited she also knows me pretty well so she said she will probably make me sign something stating I will keep up with the organization...I hate being held accountable!  I'm looking forward to this new chapter and I can't wait to post some after pics of my new office!



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