Confession Time

I have a habit that my husband finds particularly takes me forever to actually fill picture frames.  I love picking the frames and designing my walls, I even hang them as  you can see!

This is my office, and no I don't get credit for one out of six, that is the picture that came with the frame.  I'm ashamed to tell you that they have been hanging empty for at least...4 months...


 This is my kitchen, I claim partial credit for the one on the right, that is one of my images, but I pulled it out of another frame so it doesn't exactly fit, so I need to have it reprinted.  


I thought this was a bad habbit I developed over this last move to Indy, but I had my old computer copied to a new external hard drive and I came across a picture of my 25th birthday party (more than a few years ago) and as you can see in the background... 

 I admit it, this is a problem and I here by announce that by the end of the week I will order prints for all the empty frames in my house!

I know I'm not the only one out there, who has some bad picture habits.  How many of you have empty frames, or the newborn hanging on your wall is now 3, or maybe the family photo you have hanging in the hallway doesn't have all the members of your family in it.   Whatever your bad photo habit is think about doing something about it soon or before you look up again it will be 4 months or even a year from now and your youngest might start asking when he'll be old enough to be in the family picture! 





Valerie Conley  commented on  July 16th, 2012

What -- you're over 25? I didn't know that and your certainly don't look it -- I always thought CV was a cradle robber!

Chad  commented on  July 16th, 2012

Ha! I'm guilty too. Except, I don't even get the frames on the wall. My office has been a work-in-progress since I moved in five years ago, and has been under construction since last summer. I'm sure I'll get it finished just in time to sell the house. And then the realtor will tell me to take the photos down.

Sarah Ford  commented on  July 16th, 2012

Mine aren't empty, just outdated. Plus, my husband is super frustrated that I have our 2011 Christmas card picture hanging on the wall. He thinks it's weird to hang it after sending it out on the card. I don't understand what the big deal is - obviously I liked the picture or I wouldn't have put it on a the card in the first place.

Caroline  commented on  July 17th, 2012

I'm so glad I'm not the only one! Sarah- That's funny! Although I think if my husband had it his way there wouldn't be any photos of him hanging in the house!

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