A Long Awaited Return to Blogging


I have to admit, I always thought blogging was stupid and self serving...then my friend Lindsay talked me and my friend Jamie into writing one with her about our adventures volunteering at the USO at the DFW airport and thus the USO Girls was born.  We had such great fun there and writing about all the people we met and the things we got to do.  Then one day I was lamenting (much like today) about how I never thought I'd be a blog person and now I even have some I read daily, and you should too...that post changed my life forever...  

Little did I know that those guys tracked back my link and, all of a sudden a comment popped up "Hey, thanks for thinking we're funny.  Oh by the way we're single, and by we I mean me and by single will you marry me?" So I wrote back, based on my recent dates I'm willing to consider this please answer the following questions...they were all pretty silly.  One of the co-bloggers filled it out and it was the funniest things I'd ever read.  I started emailing with "TSO" and 6 months later we met up for our first date at the Military Blogger Convention in Las Vegas...2 years after that I moved to Indiana and we got married...and it all started on a stupid blog...

All I can say is the Lord works in mysterious ways because Mark and I would not have met any other way.  He now blogs professionally for the American Legion at the BurnPit as Mothax and occassionally at This Ain't Hell  as TSO.  

Moving to Indiana marked the start of all kinds of changes aside from getting married, the most significant is that I have started my own photography studio.  On this blog I'll be posting my photography, along with things that I think are interesting and silly.  I hope you join me for the journey of Heartfelt Photography.  



Sherri Taylor  commented on  June 22nd, 2012

I still remember the blogs about the proposal - truly classic! I love reading your facebook posts and look forward to your blogs. The pictures you've posted have been great. Good luck with your photography - I'm sure you'll be a huge success.

Jodi  commented on  July 16th, 2012

So glad you are blogging again!

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