Professional Headshots or Why Using a Selfie on Linkedin is a bad idea

You don't have to look too hard to find bad headshots out there, just log into LinkedIn!   It's easy to spot the people who have made poor choices, but sometimes we might be the biggest bad headshot offenders and don't even know it!  I admit I'm one of the worst...

Confession: I hate being photographed, I don't know what happens, but I regress to the 13 year old with glasses, braces, and a bad perm. I forget how to smile, stand or sit naturally and I get a bad case of the crazy eyes and I end up doing all the things I know people aren't supposed to do.  So when it comes to my headshots I've always opted for something nontraditional... 

In the beginning I thought, "I'll use a funny picture, it's ok I'm in a creative field"

Then I thought "Maybe that is too silly, I know I'll do something whimsical that says I'm fun!"

In my weekly networking groups I am always telling people they needed new headshots, for one of a thousand reasons, but most importantly because a first impression image can sometimes make or break your opportunity to get your foot in the door.

These are the images I've used for my own headshots


All of these images are accurate representations of me and my personality, but which image relays the first impression I want to give you

I've worked in photography for 14 years

I have a photography education

I'm a business owner

I'm reliable

This was a hard exercise for me to go through so I thought that I'd make a little quiz for you, that will tell you if it's time for you to change the headshot you are using.  Please answer True or False

1. You are using a vacation photo and have cropped out another person or a drink in your hand

2. your company's about us page looks like a set of mug shots

3. When meeting a new client at Starbucks they are more likely to walk up to your younger sibling than to you 

4. Someone could use your image to create a meme for Facebook

5. You are using an image you or someone you work with took on their phone

If you answered True to one or more of these questions it's time you to schedule a headshot intervention!

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2nd Annual Heartfelt Photography Model Search!

2013 was an awesome year for Heartfelt Photography!  We had the opportunity to capture new little ones, fun families, even some fun events and it was all kicked off by our first Model Search.  We are going to kick off 2014 the same way!  The model search is just a fun free mini session that gives kids a chance to get acquainted with me and being photographed, then throughout the year as I need models for new promos I go to my model search group and call the kids that would work best for the different types of shots.

To participate there are a couple of rules:

*Parents must be ok with Heartfelt Photography using these photos for and and all advertising purposes including but not limited to, displays, direct mail, print advertising,   Facebook, and on our website.

*The kids must be between the ages of 3-10

* You can not have participated in the model search last year.

*You must be photographed Jan 28 - Jan 30 2014

I will be hosting an open house viewing party for parents to come over and view their images Feb 12, for participating in the model search you receive 25% off your model session order and also any other sessions you are photographed for promotion.  There is no obligation to purchase any images to participate. 

Here are a few images from the model search sessions last year!

Contact us to set up your Model Session today!



New Heartfelt Photography Portrait Plans!

I am so excited to introduce two new portrait plans at Heartfelt Photography! In one of our last email blasts (if you would like to be included on our monthly email list click here) I asked my clients ideally how many sessions would you want per year, the overwhelming response was 3.  So I tailored plans to fit exactly what you wanted!

Baby Plan 

This plan is $300 and includes 3 sessions; a newborn, 6 month (or sitting up,) and a 1 year cake smash.  By becoming a plan member you will also receive a 20% discount on all your orders during the year.  Another perk from the plan is that you will receive our coupon book, more on that below!


Kiddo Kouture Plan

 This plan is designed for kids and families, it is $250 and includes 3 sessions; a family session and your choice of 2 styled mini sessions.  As a plan member you will also receive a 20% discount on all your orders during the year.  You also receive our coupon book!


The coupon book includes a free grandparent session, discounts on wall portraits, free gift prints and photo jewelry!  I'm also working with a few local businesses who are going to add to the coupons too. 



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It's Tutu Time!

Tea Party and Tutus are Heartfelt Photography's most popular mini session of the year!  This year we've added a couple more dates to make sure we have enough spots.  We'll be shooting this set August 8, 16, 17, 27, 28.  These sessions are $65 and include 30 minutes of photography time on set, an 8x10 print and a facebook timeline cover.

Make sure to call early to book yours these dates will fill up!


414 Heartfelt Thank Yous!

Woooo Hoooo!  Thank you to all our fans and clients for helping us get over 400 likes.  I've been planning a big giveaway when we finally hit the mark, but then I was out of town when it finally happened!  So here we go I am giving away a $400 gift certificate to Heartfelt Photography!  

Here are the details about the sweepstakes!

All you need to do to enter the contest is comment on the official giveaway status update on our heartfelt photography facebook page

If you want to get your name in the hat more times, ask your friends to "like" Heartfelt Photography and tag your name in the comment they leave, the best part is friend comments count twice! 

Each person can only enter once a day

Friday August 2, 2013 at 10pm I'll use to pick a winner!  

There are so many AWESOME things coming up I can't wait to photograph your family in the coming season!

*There is no restriction on the Gift Certificate, it can be used for any product or session you wish.  You could even split it up and give part as a gift!


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Energized x1000

Everyone has a thing that trips their trigger, and I'm lucky enough to do mine professionally.  Being a portrait photographer in Indianapolis is seriously the culmination of spending over half my life in studying and shooting photography.  I even had a boss who likened me and my photography stories to the "this one time at band camp..." girl from American Pie.  So needless to say I was getting my geek on this week at an awesome photography workshop hosted by Marathon Press, (side note) seriously it was awesome guys thank you so much for all your hard work!  I got some awesome ideas on how I can better serve my clients from some of the top photographers in the industry!  So stay tuned over the next couple weeks as I finalize everything, I'm going to be announcing a new baby plan, and a plan with a little something for everyone in the family!

Added bonus I got to shoot these cuties during my travels!

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Bringing in the Big Guns

2013 has been awesome so far!  We've settled into a new house and my business keeps getting busier and busier!  Which means things that don't come naturally or aren't enjoyable in the least fall to the wayside.  Most of all the skill I have yet to master after 32 years, organization.  It's not for lack of instruction, my mom is a master organizer, my educators over the years have tried to whip me into shape, I even had a few roommates who tried...more than one fell to the dark side!  So here I am still functioning in the quick sweep everything off the desk into this bin, clients are coming over, realm. 


Office Before

This month I've started making a change!  I hired Lindsay Reid who's job is to help me stay organized, keep me on schedule, and help better my workflow processes.  I am in the process of redoing my office I've taken down the old ugly wall paper border, added a new coat of paint, changed the light fixture; no more worries about clients hitting their head on the dining room chandelier hanging low in the middle of the room, and a new cabinet!  In the spirit of new beginnings and bettering myself I have invited my mom down to do a deep organizational clean.  While willing and excited she also knows me pretty well so she said she will probably make me sign something stating I will keep up with the organization...I hate being held accountable!  I'm looking forward to this new chapter and I can't wait to post some after pics of my new office!



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